A Poem: Snakes and Thieves Lord!

When you look around and realize you are in a den of thieves and snakes.At once you raise your eyes and ask the Lord, “How much more can I take?”

The almighty then replies,” All you have gone through was never a mistake. Sit back, Trust me and allow the Holy Spirit to have his way.”

It is in that moment that TRUST is placed to action and fear dies away.

Not only must you trust the invisible but you must step back and activate scriptures of encouragement your heart hides away.

Today may be tough and yes the tears may flow.

But, check in with your inner man and allow him to soar.

In doing this you will be able to breathe,

A breath many never would have granted you to achieve.

Life is all about what you will it to be.

Trials, tribulations, and hurt allows for your flesh to come to heed.

In doing so, the Spirit of The Lord can reveal to you the road that allows you to succeed.

Here is the thing it most definitely won’t be easy!

But, why should it be given the price that was paid in order for us to utilize a priest that embodies you and me.

All that you want and ask is but a pray away.

I’m not saying that it will manifest today,

But it will allow you to sit among thieves and snakes and know without a shadow of a doubt you are victorious and the Lord believe it you to allow him to have his way.

Stay encouraged!



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