Oh Strength, Where art thou?

Finding my strength has been a journey in which my tears often lead the way. So many times we as women, wives, and mothers often give and pour out so much that we forget to feed our inner selves. The moment that I had to pray to ask the Lord to control my thoughts more was the moment that I understood how perception and self-evaluation plays such a significant part in one’s daily living. I personally have learned that I have often blamed others for the fact that I can disconnect and not regret it in the least. Understand I know this is not a good thing but it is a trait that I personally valued. I am learning still that just because someone hurts you or rather I guess I should say that if an individual is given access to the ability to hurt you; learn from it, recruit the truth from the lesson and allow the Lord to use it in the process of your betterment.

As I was reading my word the Lord allowed me to read, copy, and re-read the contents of Proverbs the sixteenth chapter, verses one through twenty-three and in doing so the Lord gave me a life lesson. In those scriptures I was allowed to learn that a balanced life is pleasing to the Lord. I was able to learn that the moment I committed my work to the Lord he would then establish my thoughts. I learned that every single thing whether it be good, bad, or ugly is all for the purpose of the Lord. Yes, I have sat in the pews and heard various ministers speak this truth but it wasn’t until I decided to build on my relationship with Christ and search his word that he revealed how this ancient and precious scripture applies to my now!

My mind is often running and trying to go before I am physically able to attend to the matters that it feels takes precedence. I am learning that this is not being balanced. I am learning how important it truly is to have a new mind in Christ Jesus. Reading my word, searching it for the answer to my daily life trials has allowed me to be stronger today than I was yesterday. It is invigorating to read the word of God and immediately experience peace. Often times we believe that money will solve all our problems and believe me as a mother of three; parenting infants and toddlers is not a cheap task BUT! The more I search for wisdom on how to operate in today via the spirit of God, the more I  search for understanding on how to conduct myself in a manner that is pleasing, and the more I learn to place these virtues before monetary gain; results in me being continually strengthen

Read Proverbs 16 and allow the Lord to reveal to you the keys to being balanced. It amazes me how those words may be just words to some, oh, but for me they are LIFE! As they should be….right?

Stay encouraged!



One thought on “Oh Strength, Where art thou?

  1. You know that its a rhema Word from the Spirit of Truth when it enlightens your perception. Grace and Blessings daughter! Grace and Blessings!!!


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