Its Better to Give…

I am sure that you have heard loved ones tell you time and time again that you must take care of yourself before taking care of others. This weekend the reality of that sentiment hit me like a ton of bricks! By trade I will give the shirt off my back to ensure that the individuals that I love are happy and whole.


It simply gives me life to see others smile and at peace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that in helping others I forgot to help myself. I have never been big when it comes to materialistic items. Honestly I value solitude and peace. I am an introvert and I love it. But, in being this person I often have to step outside of my comfort zone to ensure a goal is met.

As I was washing clothes yesterday, my four year old son assisted me with the sorting. He then turned to me and said “Mommy, are you happy?” Honestly I felt my heart break. You see the love I have for my children is something that I can’t put in words entirely. Their laughter, sweet hugs and magnetic presence brings a center to my being. I have never stopped and fully taken into consideration the effect that I have on them and their intuition. I answered my son in saying that I am very happy. He looked at me and said with all sincerity “Good! I love you so much mommy“.

It was in that moment that I realized how important it is to maintain my emotional/ spiritual balance. I have been doing a great deal of self-evaluation. I can’t look to be an effective Christian if I don’t. Although I read my word daily and I pray through-out the day, I must also ensure that I am quite so I can listen for responses on the things that I am petitioning the Lord for. This walk in Christ has really been one where “E” is dying and the spirit of Christ is becoming dominant. And for that I give him all thanks and praise! But!! I must also remember that once again everything is a balance.


I can get so caught up in ensuring that I am meeting goals that I often forget about “me”. As a result, my son sensed that and spoke on it.For me to be able to acknowledge the mistake and receive the correction is a win in my mind because the Lord is yet working on me. I never want my children to feel as if I’m not happy because I am too busy meeting goals. I need them to know that no matter what I am doing as long as I’m residing in Christ and growing; happiness is always present. The working on me, the balancing of the hats I wear and the distribution of me is coming into alignment. I simply thank the Lord for using my son to point it out.




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