Poem: Love’s Truth

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

How do you express your love?
Is it unconditional or portioned on acts that others think of?
If the Lord sat down and had a conversation with you,
Would you say “Lord, I have loved as you have taught me too.”

Would you ramble down a list of accolades completed?
Or, would you sit back with a smile and know that your heart bears evidence.
Often times we forget the truth of this four letter word known as “LOVE”.
We look at others and expect them to deliver the definition that we subconsciously think of.


How longs has it been since your LOVE wasn’t measured but rather treasured for the sentiment it truly was?
How long has it been since your love was genuine and selfless towards others?
What about that gentleman in the check-out line who took forever to count his change,
But in the end, he didn’t have enough to execute the exchange.

Did you aid in his balance with your V-Day fund?
Or did you shake your head and mentally think of the physical exertions awaiting you to come,
To come true between your honey, your boo and all the other interludes you can’t wait to do

So many times we as Christians forget that LOVE is indeed an action verb.
It’s a lifestyle living not just a word that needs to be heard.
Granted it may not be easy at times but PRAISE the LORD love is often blind.
Proverbs 10:12 allows for love to cover things other would consider as fail.


Evaluate your love standards my friend.
Ensure that your love is lasting and doesn’t have an end.
Yes, I know hurt can often reign supreme,
But remember we are followers of Christ so hurt has to line up with the truth that is between,
The writings that our soul pants after.
God’s holy word, his light and path lantern

Maintain a love that is pure and right.
Ensure that 1 Corinthians definition of love takes plight,
Continuous and effortlessly throughout your life.

It’s worth it to lay your perception down.
Clothe yourself with the truth and allow Christ’s love to shine through.
His love wins every time.
And in truth, you will find that that’s the bottom line.

Celebrate love 365 days plus one on leap year.
Allow the Lord to speak and direct you to maintain sincere.
Love is indeed worth every tear you’ve shed.
Jesus counts and holds ever drop dear.


His love conquerors all and remains quite clear.
Love your brother, Love your friend.
Love your enemy the most.
In doing this, you will always WIN.


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