A Child-like reminder…

So my twins are 17 months and they act as if they are teenagers! I am so serious. They fight each other. They come and get me and do an excellent impression of tattling on each other. But, one thing that lights up my entire world is when they play and entertain each other. They have a remarkable bond and as their mother I love the fact that I get to enjoy it firsthand. My four year old loves to include them in his play time activities. So, of course in their minds they can do it too! I realized that in watching my children, I was watching a reflection of God’s love for me.  
I am changing. What do I mean you may ask? Well for one I am a great deal more subtle and calm. I cherish PEACE. Friend, when I tell you that there is nothing like PEACE in the midst of a storm! My God, there is nothing like it. My children have no idea how hard their father and I work to ensure they have. And, guess what?! They aren’t supposed to. It’s our jobs as parents to ensure that our children maintain their innocence for as long as possible because once it’s gone….friend it’s gone. I know that we are still early in the game. I also know that wisdom is far greater than gold and silver. And, it is with this truth that I continuously ask the Lord for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to be the best mom I can be. 

 It’s a drive in me to give my children the life I didn’t have as a child. Now, I am not about spoiling them in any way that aids in their destruction to being able to stand on their own, but I am all about them knowing that daddy and mommy have their back. My love bugs will just randomly come up to me and give me hugs and kisses. It is in those moments that I am rewarded the most because they don’t know how much those simple acts of kindness mean to me. It is my job as a parent to love, pray, fight, cry, and stand against whomever and whatever to ensure that those three little people that came from my womb have all that they need.

Is it challenging? Yes! Indeed, it is. But, oh friend when I tell you the reward outweighs the challenges; I am sure you as a parent (or aspiring parent) can assuredly understand my sentiments. I never knew what it was like to love someone so much that I would lay down my life without hesitation until my first born was placed in my arms. It is in these quite moments that I weep to myself because I can only imagine how it must feel to love a people so much that you present you one and only son as a sacrifice for others sins. 

 Think about that. I do.

Stay Encouraged!


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