A Poem: They Say…

“They Say…”
I hear it all the time.

They say “Girl, how do you do it?!”

I reply, “What? Handle mine”

The knowledge and understanding is exact. 

I’m their mother. Therefore I will always have their back. 

You have your ways of enjoying and expressing love. 

We all live and embark on our #facts. 

One thing is for certain,

Two snaps to re-enact, 

 the poetess that finds melody in the transparency of all things parental and melodramatic in the miraculous ways of my children and their daily knacks, of life. Their life. 

My DNA, my prayers and tears and stretch marks, 

Commentating on the whereabouts of their developmental womb in habitation and blessed sprouts. 

They Say, “Girl, you must always have your hands full!”

Oh, you mean because My Lord blessed me with two pregnancies but my 1+1 didn’t equal two but rather 3. 

Three blessings that look to me to take their boo boos away. 

Who have no idea how much I pray and rely on God to succeed in life. So that their faith can blossom from the mustard seed planted in life.

They Say, and yet they have no idea. The joy I gain from being the front runner for these three souls God allowed me to love and teach fear, love and respect in the mannerisms of all things Christ-like and then some. 

Yeah, They Say but I know. 

Bottom line…I Won!


Peace and Blessings. 


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