Pleasing others is often a Curse

Pleasing others is often a #CURSEPleasing others often alter between better only to feel worse.

We are taught and told to Love your neighbor as yourself,

But! Wait, hold on a minute.

What if loving my neighbor meant sacrificing my misgiven hope

That I place in that love that I offered so freely

Only to be stepped on, talked about and left bleeding.

Bleeding out, in the open while praying for the LORD to destroy this YOKE!
Pleasing others is often a #CURSE

Pleasing others often create new hurts.

New hurts that those “others” don’t own up to.

BUT! Wait, a minute how are the “others” suppose to?

Is it not the pleasing of the “others” that offered a doorway to that misguided pain.

Is it not the pleasing that often lead to shame?
The shame in knowing that the attempt to please is never enough.

The want and supposed “need” only influences to the fleshly lust of worldly misperceptions.

Although my Bible, your Bible, tells you to love your neighbor as yourself.

It never gives permission to mental and emotional death.
Be cautious with how you go about pleasing.

Those attempts to please can often cause the “others” reception to be misleading.

Love you neighbor in the mannerisms that keep you both whole.

Love you neighbor with the sanctity of your prayer and not the entrance to your soul.

Love your neighbor with all things created in #LIGHT

Love your neighbor and allow your #Prayer to aid in the fight. 

The fight that the enemy often tries to orchestrate in between,

Your loved one, or just that random “other” one.

Ensure that your motives are those that lead to wholesome reception and correct communication.

Create the inability for your body to speak of sin and iniquity.

Love your neighbor as yourself, and in doing so promote spiritually based emotional health.
Not many will encourage you.

But! My friend its quite alright.
As a matter of fact utilize that fact as a tool.
The tool that aids in motivating your will to succeed.

Understand that success is not measured off the congratulatory wording of “others” who indulged in prospering in your distress.
Pleasing others is often a #CURSE

But pleasing others can often work for your betterment and influence many out of their worse.

It all stands in the position you place it in.

Not just for a lover, homie, friend.

More like for that stranger looking for a warm meal.

What about the woman praying for a sign that intercessory still exists,

And in full operation, someone’s prayer can lead her in the direction to heal

Don’t let your pleasing of others lead to a #CURSE.

Ensure your that your pleasing of others is sanctioned by the Holy Spirit FIRST!


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