Two Pregnancies & Three Children later …

Two Pregnancies & Three Children later …
May 14, 2016 No Comments

Two Pregnancies and Three Children Later…
Is it okay for me to confess that I still often look at my children and think to myself, Wait?! WHAT?! I’m your mother, huh?! LOL!
I mean I have to say that I still get mind boggled at the knowledge of this feat.
Do you remember being a child and playing house and telling your friends how your life was going to be once you “grew up”? Has your childhood predictions manifested in the manner that you deemed absolutely necessary at that point and time in your life?
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Let me just confess. Mine, has not! LOL! But, honestly given the things that I have learned and became blessed with, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I often hear people speak and comment on what they would have done and could have done given the opportunity to not have had their children at some point and time in their lives and I become baffled.
Believe me, I know what it is like to here that persistent “Mommy!” monologue that our children seem to be born with, but then I am reminded that I would have a fit if they gave my Mommy time to someone else!
Ummm….yes, hello. My name is E and I am not ready to share my mommy time with anyone right now. *raises right hand* LOL!!
I honestly look at the timing of things as it just being the way that it was meant to be. I read somewhere that often times than not, our happiness is taken away because of how we perceive someone’s claim to happiness. Never knowing the trials and tribulations that that individual had to endure to receive that “said” happiness.
Being a parent is serious business! It takes a lot of personal sacrifices to ensure that various necessities are met and upheld to our standards as a parent. But, can I pose a question to you? Do you honestly believe that not having your child/children at some point and time in your life would have allowed you to accomplish the things that you believe that you would have been able to accomplish?
Here’s my own personal opinion on that, often times the path that we believe that we could have taken would have only been altered to meet the intended end that we currently occupy.
As the elders of the church would say, (Ummm, can I get an AMEN.) everything happens for a reason. God orchestrates everything in his own timing.
Although our good Lord and Savior does allow for us to have choices, I personally believe that ultimately his will shall be done.
So no my friend, had you opted to do that thing that you believed that could have benefited you in the manner that parenthood could not. You may have found that you felt incomplete not knowing that the Lord had a blessing set aside for you in the form of your child/ children.
Yes! Our children are experts on how to work our nerves at some point and time. LOL. But! More importantly, they are experts and heirs to winning and gaining our hearts.
What you thought was meant for you at some point and time in your life, simply wasn’t otherwise you would be in possession of it. One thing about God, He doesn’t make mistakes. If anything, he is miraculous at allowing us to learn valuable lessons that ultimately set us up for success in a manner that we couldn’t have imagined to be possible.
I will use my 1+1=3 for example, I was told that God had plans for me that I deterred due to my pregnancies. In some manner that may be true, but as I sit here typing this post and listening to my three love bugs snore their heart out. I am grateful. I am grateful that the Lord saw fit to honor me to be a mother to these three souls. I am grateful that the Lord allowed me to have the heart to seek him and gain knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and revelation as it pertains to ensuring that I guide my children with the mannerisms on how to go through life, especially with the world being in the state that it is.
Friend, you were selected to be a PARENT! What an honor! God thought about you and your character and decided that you had what it takes to aid in molding his precious child for a season.
Stand strong on that knowledge that the enemy can and will TRY to sell you a lie that is only a LIE!

You are a PARENT for a reason. Turn to God for guidance in times of difficulty and watch how he gives you answers and favor that only obedience in him can produce.
Remember WE GOT THIS!
Stay Encouraged!


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