The Treasure within Friendship 

Today I witnessed the spark of magic that creates a childhood friendship. It was through the play of my son and the neighborhood kids.
The beauty of the formula is that of zero negativity or outside influenced of that of racism or prejudices.

It was a real life fairy tale. Although the children had just met my son, they waged war as to who could show him the ropes and induction of non-segregated play. 

My son instantly became the “cool” kid. 

They developed a language that was “mommy” proof and released a set of giggles whenever key words were said. 

They screamed with delight and created a light of innocence that radiated. 

The wind whistled and the birds sung a tune that allowed for the atmosphere to pave the way for June. All the while the creation of friendship molded into shape. 

As the children played I realized that I was the only parent that witnessed this monumental moment. 

My chest swelled with pride, my tear refused to hide the emotion my heart yielded. 

I thank you Lord, for this moment that you allowed me to witness.

A moment that when I’m old and gray I can share over the prayers of your goodness. 

In many ways society has tainted the very thing that was once held precious. 

Unfortunately, we as adults have aided in its corruption. 

When did it become okay to simply “walk away” instead of showing that you value someone and their presence. 

I learned a lesson through the practice of innocence. One that is valuable and often misgiven. 

Treasure those around you. Treasure your friends. Tomorrow’s not promised and life is definitely worth living. 

Live it with a treasure friend. 


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