The Result of Seeking

I seek God because I believe. In believing I began to be set free.

Free from the limitations and diversities that are placed on individuals minds at the time of birth. 

Examples to include honoring certain loved ones at the expense of self hurt. 

One thing that was revealed unto me when I cried “Abba Father, give us our souls free!”

Is that being set free is at a cost of seeking Christ diligently. 

It’s within the late nights and early mornings. 

It’s within the Lord, I’m so tired and yet I won’t depart from it. 

It’s within the I turned left, I turned right but it was not revealed until YOU, Lord became my light. 

I seek God because in him I gained Liberty. 

I took pride in the depth of my complexion,

The fullness of my lips.

I became excited at the course-ness of my hair and the versatility of it. 

I learned to run at the sound of freedom written in heart of my praise. 

I longed to worship at the sight of dawn,

To establish the tone of my day. 

In seeking God I found me. 

I found the courage and pride to simply be “E”.  


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