Writer within the “Blog”

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived to yet another revolutionary discovery about myself and my efforts to write.
I am not a blogger in the manner that others would say and/or define a blogger to be. Actually, the way that my words have unfolded has been within the presentation of my deliverance in that of poetry, inspirational wordings, and short stories.
Listen, my friend I have tried and I have tried BUT my truth and reality is….I simply cannot adjust to that of what others say and define the success of a blogger/writer.
So from here on out I have decided to just write as my soul leads me to.
I sat down and I truly thought about this issue because at one point and time I wanted to aim to have my blog be a source of income, but it just never formed into that manner.
And, as I sit here and write this, I have come to the conclusion that that is quite alright because more importantly I just want to write.
Man, the more that I learn about this art form the more that I am enamored by it. I mean writing is a way to reach others that may be limited to reception due to the restrictions that they have placed on their mind and eyes.
I am blessed to have a method to have my voice be heard. It is in doing this that I am able to truly present that of what I am lead to speak and pray about.
Growing and maturing in Christ, has truly allowed me to step into a reality that is a great deal more prevalent and misunderstood due to the scales and filters that we as a people have allowed ourselves to be placed in.
You are probably thinking to yourself, “E, girl, what are you talking about?!” Well, hear me out before you conclude that I have lost my everlasting mind and more, LOL! What I am saying is that it is one thing to talk about the predicted happenings that are continuously unfolding and then it is something totally different to educate yourself to become aware and knowledgeable to your surroundings.
I know, I know. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But, guess what my dear, it is past time to make time for that.
How are you taking in the events that are happening all around you?
Are you spitting/ receiving “street knowledge” from those around you? Are you listening to your pastor impart to you about the revelations and doctrines that were portrayed via the prophets that is written within the WORD of TRUTH and LIFE? Or, are you creating your own waves?
Here is my thing, whatever you are doing ensure that it is a method that allows and equips you to be adequately aware of “What’s Next?”
This is one of the reasons why I had to re-evaluate my writings and the purpose that I was doing it for.
Once I realized that it simply was not happening as I wanted it to but rather as it was intended and birthed to…then I accepted it.
What a powerful revelation this has been for me! I pray that you continue to ride with me and my art in whatever form that it presents itself.
Just know that this is truly from my heart and soul and of that I am extremely happy that the Lord allowed me to walk within.
Peace and Blessings to you and yours.
Also please remember that “WE GOT THIS!”
Poetess and Author


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