A Poem to Society

So many times we as individuals are told to act, speak, and think in a particular way to ensure that we remain in the “mold” society accepts. 
But wait!!
You see there is this living, breathing creativity inside of me. 
This presence that I acknowledge and continuously pray will take the lead. 
I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins. 
I believe that through his blood I have the ability to be born again. 
It is in this belief that I am free and liberated mentally to embrace the creativity that defies the “mold” of society. 
Oh, society. The lies you compel many to believe. The way you host the arena that aids in the attacks from the enemy. 
Well let me boldly express my TRUTH and REALITY; I am a daughter, believer, and humble servant to that of the one and only J. C. 
It is within him I learned that I am truly free indeed. 
So in lieu of the facade that many embrace and attest to, society know this fact…. Jesus paid the price and is LORD over all. Yes all, including you. 


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