Man’s Judgment vs God’s Redemption

The day I found out I carried you, my heart skipped a beat.

That was the moment our souls initial introduction became complete.

Many times I heard the tales of motherhood and the wonders it revealed,

Never did I understand a two-edged sword it would weld.


Experiencing your first flutters brought tears to my eyes.

Sitting, planning, daydreaming, and praying that I,

That I would be strong enough to do my duties.

You know the one where I would rush to cover your booty,

Before your gifted me with a smelly, gooey, un-appreciative treat.


Never in a million years did I think that I would sit and reminisce as to how those moments made me feel complete.

Well today we crossed another bridge.

Today, I cried at the result of someone else’s decision.


Today, I prayed and negotiated with a God my soul continually seeks.

Today, I ask the Lord “How will I ever begin to feel complete?”

The fact that society judged you because of your complexion,

Rendering you to feel as if you needed to be a master of deception.


But, nevertheless my child my love for you is unconditional.

It always rises and never sets.

It greets adversity and battles regret.

It conquers gossip and makes commentators shame.


It allows for God to constantly hear your name,

As I pray for you.

Continually pray for you loud and proud.

Ensuring that I be the witness that God blessed to allow,

To represent the significance you bring


So as others whisper and “lie and tell”

A story that they have mentally conceived so well.

Know my child that as I ran to cover and protect your rear.

As your mother I will proudly stand, wait and pray.

E. Martinez



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